Submissions to Local government funding and financing

Our general approach to submissions, consistent with consultation processes, is to maintain a high level of openness and transparency of the views of submitters. The views set out in a submission are those of the submitter, and publication does not in any way associate the Commission with those views.

Submission number Individual/Organisation Documents
Sub 002 Chris Hook PDF icon Chris Hook - 38Kb
Sub 001 Graeme McInnes PDF icon Graeme McInnes - 89Kb
Sub 005 Kathleen McCaughtrie PDF icon Kathleen McCaughtrie - 38Kb
Sub 003 Neville Miller PDF icon Neville Miller - 19Kb
Sub 004 Scripture Union NZ PDF icon Scripture Union NZ - 125Kb
Sub 007 Stewart and Raewyn Webster PDF icon Stewart and Raewyn Webster - 122Kb
Sub 006 T M Bevan PDF icon T M Bevan - 33Kb