Submissions to Local government regulation

Our general approach to submissions, consistent with consultation processes, is to maintain a high level of openness and transparency of the views of submitters. The views set out in a submission are those of the submitter, and publication does not in any way associate the Commission with those views.

Submission number Individual/Organisation Documents
Sub 046 Airfoam Wall Insulators (Palmerston North) PDF icon Airfoam Wall Insulators (Palmerston North) Submission PDF - 61Kb
Sub 040 Ashburton District Council PDF icon Ashburton District Council Submission PDF - 338Kb
Sub 054 Auckland Council PDF icon Auckland Council Submission PDF - 78Kb
Sub 018 Bill Malcolm PDF icon BIll Malcolm Submission PDF - 76KbPDF icon Cold Creek Appendix PDF - 198KbPDF icon Graph Appendix 3 PDF - 6KbPDF icon Privatisation Appendix 1 PDF - 374Kb
Sub 057 Christchurch City Council PDF icon Christchurch City Council Submission PDF - 147Kb
Sub 007 Civic Futures Ltd PDF icon Civic Futures Ltd Submission PDF - 212Kb
Sub 032 Clutha District Council PDF icon Clutha District Council Submission PDF - 92Kb
Sub 056 Dunedin City Council PDF icon Dunedin City Council Submission PDF - 194Kb
Sub 012 Electricity Networks Association PDF icon Electricity Networks Association Submission PDF - 70Kb
Sub 028 Environment Southland PDF icon Environment Southland Submission PDF - 191Kb
Sub 055 Far North District Council PDF icon Far North District Council Submission PDF - 250Kb
Sub 026 Federated Farmers of New Zealand PDF icon Federated Farmers of New Zealand Submission PDF - 588Kb
Sub 029 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited PDF icon Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited Submission PDF - 359Kb
Sub 001 Gisborne District Council PDF icon Gisborne District Council Submission PDF - 68Kb
Sub 013 Gordon George PDF icon Gordon George Submission PDF - 98Kb
Sub 014 Grass Roots Institute of NZ Inc, Jay Weeks, Gordon Levet, Sandra Goudie PDF icon Grass Roots Institue of NZ Inc, Jay Weeks, Gordon Levet, Sandra Goudie Submission PDF - 104Kb
Sub 037 Greater Wellington Regional Council PDF icon Greater Wellington Regional Council Submission PDF - 365Kb
Sub 041 Hastings District Council PDF icon Hastings District Council Submission PDF - 423Kb
Sub 059 Hauraki District Council PDF icon Hauraki District Council Submission PDF - 211Kb
Sub 053 Horizons Regional Council PDF icon Horizons Regional Council Submission PDF - 28Kb
Sub 042 Horowhenua District Council PDF icon Horowhenua District Council Submission PDF - 468Kb
Sub 043 Hurunui District Council PDF icon Hurunui District Council Submission PDF - 368Kb
Sub 051 Hutt City Council PDF icon Hutt City Council Submission PDF - 679Kb
Sub 017 IPENZ Engineers New Zealand PDF icon IPENZ Engineers New Zealand Submission PDF - 130KbPDF icon IPENZ Engineers New Zealand DIA Guidance Document PDF - 54Kb
Sub 022 John Mellars PDF icon John Mellars Submission PDF - 262Kb
Sub 015 Local Government Forum PDF icon Local Government Forum Submission PDF - 235Kb
Sub 049 Local Government New Zealand PDF icon Local Government New Zealand Submission PDF - 1011Kb
Sub 021 Mackenzie District Council PDF icon Mackenzie District Council Submission PDF - 129Kb
Sub 038 Manawatu District Council PDF icon Manawatu District Council Submission PDF - 596Kb
Sub 020 Miles Hayward-Ryan PDF icon Miles Hayward-Ryan Submission PDF - 176Kb
Sub 044 NapierCity Council PDF icon Napier City Council PDF Submission - 203Kb
Sub 058 New Plymouth District Council PDF icon New Plymouth District Council Submission PDF - 192KbPDF icon New Plymouth District Council - Officers' Comments re Reserves Act 1977 PDF - 118Kb
Sub 025 New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development PDF icon New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development Submission PDF - 68Kb
Sub 008 Noelene Buckland PDF icon Noelene Buckland Submission PDF - 66Kb
Sub 023 NZ Public Service Association PDF icon NZ Public Service Association Submission PDF - 302Kb
Sub 036 Opotiki District Council PDF icon Opotiki District Council Submission PDF - 107Kb
Sub 034 Palmerston North City Council PDF icon Palmerston North City Council Submission PDF - 169Kb
Sub 052 Queenstown Lakes District Council PDF icon Queenstown Lakes District Council Submission PDF - 106Kb
Sub 035 Rangitikei District Council PDF icon Rangitikei District Council Submission PDF - 199Kb
Sub 019 Richard Fisk PDF icon Richard Fisk Submission PDF - 21Kb
Sub 011 Rotorua District Council PDF icon Rotorua District Council Submission PDF - 108Kb
Sub 024 Ruapehu District Council PDF icon Ruapehu District Council Submission PDF - 426Kb
Sub 048 SOLGM New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers PDF icon SOLGM - New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers Submission PDF - 134Kb
Sub 039 South Taranaki District Council PDF icon South Taranaki District Council Submission PDF - 161Kb
Sub 005 Southland District Council PDF icon Southland District Council Submission PDF - 190Kb
Sub 027 Tararua District Council PDF icon Tararua District Council Submission PDF - 152Kb
Sub 006 Tasman District Council PDF icon Tasman District Council Submission PDF - 451Kb
Sub 002 Tauranga City Council PDF icon Tauranga City Council Submission PDF - 961Kb
Sub 050 The West Coast Regional Council PDF icon The West Coast Regional Council Submission PDF - 38Kb
Sub 016 Waikato District Council PDF icon Waikato District Council Submission PDF - 74Kb
Sub 045 Waikato Regional Council PDF icon Waikato Regional Council Submission PDF - 112Kb
Sub 030 Waimakariri District Council PDF icon Waimakariri District Council Submission PDF - 157Kb
Sub 031 Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce and Manawatu Chamber of Commerce PDF icon Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce and Manawatu Chamber of Commerce Submission PDF - 143Kb
Sub 009 Waitomo District Council PDF icon Waitomo District Council Submission PDF - 76Kb
Sub 003 Wanganui District Council PDF icon Wanganui District Council Submission PDF - 120Kb
Sub 004 Water New Zealand PDF icon Water New Zealand Submission PDF - 236Kb
Sub 047 Wellington City Council PDF icon Wellington City Council Submission PDF - 365Kb
Sub 033 Western Bay of Plenty District Council PDF icon Western Bay of Plenty District Council Submission PDF - 108Kb
Sub 010 Whangarei District Council PDF icon Whangarei District Council Submission PDF - 79Kb