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About the Hub

The Productivity Hub is a partnership of agencies which aims to improve how policy can contribute to the productivity performance of the New Zealand economy and the wellbeing of New Zealanders. The Hub will achieve this by:

  • Connecting people – establishing a vibrant community for people across academia, public, private and voluntary sectors with an interest in productivity research to make the best use of knowledge and research;
  • Shaping research agendas – creating opportunities to collaborate on research work programmes to improve their quality and efficiency. Identifying a number of key productivity-related research areas and facilitating work across agencies will reduce duplication and help agencies make the best use of scarce resources. This includes how current and future work is prioritised, coordinated and funded. NB: The Hub’s research agenda does not replace the core work undertaken by each agency; and
  • Sharing research – providing a platform where research, data and analysis can be exchanged; for example, through events and by creating a storehouse for research (analysis, evidence and data).

The Hub Board is made up of representatives from the Productivity Commission, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Statistics New Zealand and the Treasury. Several other agencies and non-government groups are active in the partnership. To find out more and to join the Hub community please contact the Hub secretariat at

The Forward Looking Agenda for Research

The Forward Looking Agenda for Research (FLARE), developed by the Productivity Hub, aims to better understand the drivers of our productivity performance and what policies would turn this around. For more information about the FLARE, see A research agenda for lifting productivity (article in Policy Quarterly magazine, May 2014).

Understanding how New Zealand firms operate is important to shed light on how productivity varies across firms and sectors, who are the star performers and what has contributed to their success. FLARE builds on previous work in this area and makes further use of the Statistics New Zealand Longitudinal Business Database, which provides a uniquely detailed view of the behaviour and performance of New Zealand’s firms across a range of topics.

The current research streams are:

Hub news

Recent research produced by Motu Economic and Public Policy Research for the Hub

September 2016: Intangible Investment and Firm Performance

November 2015:

Future events        


Recent events 

13 December 2018:  The strengths and limitation of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire as a social work practice and outcome evaluation tool

27 November 2018:  Impact of Spatial Proximity on Manufacturing Total Factor Productivity, Great Britain - 1984 - 2016

21 November 2018:  Business innovation in New Zealand: findings from a qualitative study


Productivity Symposium

11 December 2017:  Worker flows, entry, and productivity in New Zealand's construction industry

1 December 2015:    Growing More Innovative and Productive Kiwi Firms

2 July 2013:             The previous Symposium was held in conjunction with the New Zealand Association of Economists’ 54th Annual Conference. The presentations and videos are available.

Other previous events


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