Research Papers

This page lists Commission research papers and working papers. Research papers set out an official Commission viewpoint.Working papers contain the views of the individual author/s.

Date Title Author
29/09/2017 Examining the UK Climate Change Act 2008 Teresa Weeks
01/06/2017 Social sector productivity: a task perspective 2017/01 Danijela Tavich
01/06/2017 Public sector productivity: Quality adjusting sector-level data on New Zealand schools 2017/2 Norman Gemmell, Patrick Nolan and Grant Scobie
20/02/2017 Explaining ethnic disparities in bachelor’s qualifications: participation, retention and completion in New Zealand Gail Pacheco, Lisa Meehan and Zoe Pushon
16/12/2016 Geographic proximity and productivity convergence across New Zealand firms Guanyu Zheng
16/12/2016 The servicification of trade Shanella Rajanayagam, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
28/11/2016 Achieving New Zealand's productivity potential Research paper 2016/1 Paul Conway
09/05/2016 Subjective wellbeing in New Zealand: Some recent evidence RN 2016/3 Kevin Jia and Conal Smith
27/04/2016 What can complexity theory tell us about urban planning? RN 2016/2 Ron Crawford
18/04/2016 Productivity Symposium transcript