Research Papers

This page lists Commission research papers and working papers. Research papers set out an official Commission viewpoint.Working papers contain the views of the individual author/s.

Date Title Author
07/06/2019 Productivity by the numbers: 2019 2019/2 Patrick Nolan, Reece Pomeroy, and Guanyu Zheng
14/02/2019 Firm dynamics and job creation: revisiting the perpetual motion machine 2019/1 John Stephenson
14/02/2019 Growing the digital economy in Australia and New Zealand Australian and New Zealand Productivity Commissions
01/02/2019 Innovation in primary healthcare Sandra Moore
01/02/2019 The tax-benefit interface Dr Patrick Nolan
24/12/2018 Productivity in developed Asia-Pacific and Turkey: A firm-level perspective Australian Dept. of Industry and Science, Japan Productivity Center, New Zealand Productivity Commission, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
14/11/2018 A Note on Construction Worker Migration to New Zealand 1962-2018 Andrew Coleman; Özer Karagedikli
01/08/2018 Assessing and enhancing New Zealand's productivity New Zealand Productivity Commission, Australian Productivity Commission, OECD, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and Victoria University of Wellington
05/07/2018 Getting under the hood: Insights from Recent Firm-level Productivity Research in New Zealand Productivity Commission, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Statistics New Zealand, and the Treasury.
28/06/2018 Can the kiwi fly? Achieving productivity lift off in New Zealand Paul Conway