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On 1 December 2015, the Productivity Hub hosted a major symposium on innovation and productivity with keynote speeches by leading international and domestic experts. It showcased the analysis of firm innovation being undertaken using the Longitudinal Business Dataset and the ways in which economic research can help inform policy choices.

The full transcript (PDF, 5.45MB) is now available or in sections below.

Blog by Paul Conway: Benefiting from innovation - what’s the secret sauce?

Overview (PDF, 186Kb)

Welcome: Gary Dunnet, Statistics New Zealand (PDF, 123Kb)

Session 1 - How government and business can work together to encourage innovation, the importance of looking at markets in new ways, and the importance of getting researchers to work across networks (PDF, 330Kb)
Panel discussion: Sarah Holden, Callaghan Innovation, Professor Kaj Storbacka, University of Auckland, Professor Shaun Hendy, University of Auckland

Session 2 – Linking innovation and productivity back to a broader economic narrative (PDF, 324Kb)
Keynote Address: Gabriel Makhlouf, New Zealand Treasury; Keynote Address: Sir David Ramsden, HM Treasury

Session 3 - The design of R&D support schemes (PDF, 311Kb)
Keynote Address: Professor Beth Webster, Swinburne University of Technology; Discussant: Professor Adam Jaffe, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research

Session 4 – The relationship between innovation and productivity in New Zealand and overseas firms (PDF, 178Kb)
Keynote Address: Professor Bronwyn Hall, University of California at Berkeley; Discussant: Dr Simon Wakeman, New Zealand Productivity Commission

Session 5: ICT, innovation and productivity (PDF, 319Kb)
Keynote Address: Professor Eric Bartelsman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Discussant: Dr Peter Crabtree, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Closing remarks (PDF, 108Kb)
Murray Sherwin, New Zealand Productivity Commission

Speaker presentations (PDF, 2.64Mb)

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