One of the hottest topics over the past year has been the future of Auckland. How can New Zealand’s biggest city accommodate a rapidly growing population? Are we making enough room for businesses and factories? How do we make it easier to get across the city? How can Auckland achieve its goal of being a ‘liveable city’ that is also affordable for both current and new residents?


The Productivity Commission has released an issues paper (PDF) calling for input on the future of urban planning.



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The Commission is pleased to announce that Judy Kavanagh has been appointed as a new Inquiry Director, leading the inquiry into new models of tertiary education, from 30 November.


This article was written for Agenda, November 2015, published by Oxera Consulting.


The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to investigate how trends in technology, internationalisation, population, tuition costs and demand for skills may drive changes in models of tertiary education.


The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to look at ways of improving New Zealand’s urban planning system.


The Productivity Commission has now completed its report into Land for housing.


The operation of our planning systems needs to change if New Zealand cities are to have enough land for housing, says the Productivity Commission in its final report on using land for housing, released today.


Tinkering with the current system will not be enough to help disadvantaged New Zealanders, says the Productivity Commission in its final report on improving outcomes from social services, released today.