Productivity Commission Chair Murray Sherwin explains some of the draft findings in the Housing Affordability inquiry, released 16 December 2011.


Home ownership will continue to elude many New Zealanders unless bold changes are made to New Zealand’s housing market, the Productivity Commission says.


Local authority ownership of ports, and the ways in which competition, co-operation and regulation play out in international freight transport are scrutinised in an Issues Paper released by the Productivity Commission today.


An update looking back over the first four months of the Commission's operation, including:

  • organisational structure and appointments;
  • completing the first Statement of Intent (for 2011/12);
  • launching the first two inquiries on housing affordability and international freight transport services; and
  • stakeholder engagement within both the private and public sectors.

Housing affordability in New Zealand comes under the spotlight as the newly established Productivity Commission releases its first Issues Paper today.


This update provides a high-level overview about the newly opened New Zealand Productivity Commission.


The Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Murray Sherwin, will chair the soon-to-be-established New Zealand Productivity Commission, Finance Minister Bill English and Regulatory Reform Minister Rodney Hide announced today.


The Chair of the New Zealand Productivity Commission, Murray Sherwin, today announced the first senior appointments to the staff of the new Productivity Commission.


The new Productivity Commission’s first two inquiries will be into Housing Affordability and International Freight Services - two areas that have a bearing on New Zealand’s international competitiveness, Finance Minister Bill English and Regulatory Reform Minister Rodney Hide say.