We are delighted that Sally Garden joins the Commission today as a Principal Advisor. Sally will be working on our inquiry into Local government funding and financing.


The Productivity Commission today published an issues paper for its inquiry into local government funding and financing.


The Commission completed its inquiry into state sector productivity in August and produced two final reports – one focused on measuring productivity, the other on improving state sector productivity.


We are delighted to have appointed two new Policy Advisors this week, Joanna Smith and Hamed Shafiee. They are both starting work on our new inquiry into Local government funding and financing.


Early evidence suggests that a team-based primary health care practice model can reduce emergency department admissions to hospitals.


The Commission has recommended that up to 2.8 million hectares of trees are planted to achieve New Zealand’s carbon neutrality by 2050.


The August 2018 edition of Policy Quarterly was a special issue on productivity. This was edited by and contained contributions from Productivity Commission staff.


The Productivity Commission today released its final report on how New Zealand can transition to a low-emissions economy.


The Commission's Chair, Murray Sherwin, presented at the NZIER Annual Meeting on 28 August 2018 on our low-emissions economy inquiry.