“The way to grow our already burgeoning digital economy is to find and support innovative local entrepreneurs” says Richard MacManus. But that raises two questions: what is the digital economy? And having decided that, what is the best way to grow it?  The Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers asked these questions of the two countries’ Productivity Commissions.


The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to examine and report on Technological change, disruption and the future of workMinister Robertson announced the Commission’s new topic at the Work in Progress Conference today.


Last week, Stats NZ released its latest annual set of productivity statistics (see here).


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The State Services Commission has conducted an inquiry into the use of external security consultants. 


Consultation and engagement for our Local government funding and financing inquiry is underway. 


We are delighted that Sally Garden joins the Commission today as a Principal Advisor. Sally will be working on our inquiry into Local government funding and financing.


The Productivity Commission today published an issues paper for its inquiry into local government funding and financing.


The Commission completed its inquiry into state sector productivity in August and produced two final reports – one focused on measuring productivity, the other on improving state sector productivity.