The New Zealand Productivity Commission today released its draft report on local government funding and financing arrangements. It is the most substantial look at these issues since the 2007 Shand report.


We welcome two new Commissioners to the Productivity Commission Board: Andrew Sweet and Gail Pacheco. 


Research released today by the Productivity Commission highlights the cost of New Zealand’s poor productivity performance.


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Ideas and debates supporting the Technological change and future of work inquiry.


Today we release our issues paper and invite you to participate in our inquiry into Technological change and the future of work.


Thanks to all our submitters and those who have met with us to provide information and feedback on our issues paper. Our draft report will be released at the end of June after which we will again be welcoming submissions.


“The way to grow our already burgeoning digital economy is to find and support innovative local entrepreneurs” says Richard MacManus. But that raises two questions: what is the digital economy? And having decided that, what is the best way to grow it?  The Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers asked these questions of the two countries’ Productivity Commissions.


How a country’s labour market performs has a huge bearing on its overall productivity and wellbeing.


The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to examine and report on Technological change, disruption and the future of workMinister Robertson announced the Commission’s new topic at the Work in Progress Conference today.