Using land for housing

Using land for housing - issues paper

The Productivity Commission has published the issues paper (PDF) on its new inquiry into using land for housing.  Submissions closed on 22 December 2014.

The Government has asked the Commission to examine the by-laws, processes and practices of local planning and development systems across New Zealand’s faster-growing urban areas. We have also been asked to identify councils that are effective in making enough land available to meet housing demand and processes that could be adopted more widely. In addition, the Commission will examine overseas approaches to identify leading practices that may provide valuable lessons for New Zealand.

In order to understand which local government processes work well on the ground, we need to hear from those who have experience with developing land, interacting with councils or running local authority planning and land use processes. In particular, we are keen to hear people’s views on the questions set out in our issues paper.

The issues paper contains a large number of questions and seeks submissions from a wide range of interested parties. The Commission looks forward to receiving submissions and engaging widely over the course of the inquiry.

Inquiry timeline

22 December 2014: Due date for submissions on issues paper
June 2015: Draft report released for submissions
30 September 2015: Final report due to Government


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