Work in Progress Conference

Thursday, February 28, 2019

WIP19 ConferenceFutureproof yourself and your workplace

This one-day Conference is for individuals, business and organisational leaders looking to future proof themselves and their workplaces. WIP19 is for those who recognise that the work future requires a new approach to education, training and recruitment.

Changes to the way we do business and run organisations have arrived, and there will be lots more to come. Workplace wellbeing, flexibility, lifelong learning and upskilling will be essential elements of the new economy. Workplace leadership and management must optimise the diversity of talent, creating a quality skilled workforce, working practices and environment. These new workplaces support good employee engagement and health, while embracing the consequences of technological innovation and wider disruptive forces.

Dave Heatley from the Productivity Commission will be presenting on our recent report into Growing the digital economy and maximising opportunities for SMEs.

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