TEU Symposium: Voices from tertiary education

Friday, July 22, 2016 to Saturday, July 23, 2016
Old Government House, Victoria University of Wellington

A conversation about productivity and innovation in tertiary education.

This symposium will seek out those in the labs, at the smart-board face, running tutorials, marking essays, designing face-to-face and on-line lessons, and doing much more, to discuss the models of tertiary education which will ensure innovation and productivity in the New Zealand tertiary education system.

The symposium includes two major roundtable discussions:

Keynote address: Rt Hon Jim Bolger, Chancellor Waikato University

 “What does an innovative and productive tertiary education sector look like?”

Roundtable: Chris Whelan (Universities NZ); Peter Brothers (Metro ITPs); Linsey Higgens (NZUSA); Josh Williams (Industry Training Federation)

“A look at the education needs of society and economy”

Roundtable: Mike Reid (Local Government NZ); Trevor McClinchey (NZ Council of Christian Social Services); Millie Douglas (Career Development Association of New Zealand); Dr Eric Crampton (NZ Initiative)

And there will be contributions from academics and practitioners from across New Zealand’s universities, ITPs, wananga, and adult and community education spaces.

TEU has organised the symposium to contribute to public debate about the future of the tertiary education system in New Zealand, and ensure strong evidence is provided for the Productivity Commission Inquiry into “New models of Tertiary Education”.

Please send all inquiries to mary.mctavish@teu.ac.nz

Places are strictly limited: register here