If you build it … will they come? Managing for performance in the New Zealand state sector

Tuesday, July 4, 2017
New Zealand Productivity Commission, Level 15, Fujitsu Tower, 141 The Terrace

Date: 15.00 – 16.30
RSVP: hubsecretariat@productivity.govt.nz

Derek Gill
Principal Economist & Head of Public Good, NZIER
Research Associate IGPS VUW

This roundtable will discuss insights from the Managing for Performance Project, with a particular focus on what the literature says and what the research found on how performance information is actually used in New Zealand. The Managing for Performance Project commenced in June 2008 and was completed in August 2010. Initially the research focussed on a literature review and a series of seven case studies looking at organisation performance measurement and management in a variety of state sector settings. In addition to the qualitative research, a major online survey of managers in selected public agencies was carried out in February 2009. A series of workshops and public lectures were held in 2010 to allow for discussion of the research findings and their policy implications. The research project’s results were published in ‘the Iron Cage Recreated’ by the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies in 2011.

The roundtable is timely as the Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into how the New Zealand State sector can effectively measure and improve productivity in core public services. This includes providing advice on the appropriate role of these measures in public sector performance frameworks.

In addition to his work at NZIER, in recent years Derek has extensively researched, taught and published on a range of public policy and management issues, while based at the Institute of Policy Studies at Victoria University. Derek's previous experience spans work in the public and private not-for-profit sectors and included roles; as a general manager in a service delivery organisation, with the OECD and central agencies in New Zealand, as well as a diplomat and policy advisor. Derek has served as a long-standing Board Chair and Treasurer on a number of voluntary organisations.