Beehive to Business – The Zero Carbon Act with James Shaw

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Wellington, PwC Centre

Zero Carbon Act

The discussion on New Zealand’s policy on Climate Change has begun, this is your chance to ensure businesses’ opinions are heard.

Under the Paris Agreement, every country has agreed on the objective of reaching net zero emissions in the second half of the century, yet few have passed net zero legislation. The Zero Carbon Act would make New Zealand one of the first countries to set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets into law. So what would this mean for your business?

The Zero Carbon Act promises to upgrade our economy, not just to be ‘clean & green’, but also more productive, more resilient and more cost efficient. But to achieve this by the proposed date of 2050, there is a lot that needs to happen. Head to our next Beehive to Business session with Hon. James Shaw to find out exactly what we’re getting ourselves into.

The transition will affect every sector of the economy given that businesses rarely act without a clear understanding of costs, risks, and benefits. With clarity around climate change comes incentives to invest in low emissions activity. It’s important that we clarify the current intent of the Zero Carbon Bill, the pathway to achieve the country’s net zero emission goal, and the potential effects on and opportunities for businesses. As Minister for Climate Change, Hon. James Shaw will be outlining the processes involved with a transition to a Zero Carbon economy and raising the issues that businesses are particularly concerned with. Hear about the changes you’ll need to make to comply with the act, and the implications that a net zero emissions future will have for your business.

Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, James had experience working with large multinational companies across Europe and around the world. He has also helped local start-ups, social enterprises and community organisations develop more sustainable business practices.

Time: 7.30am-8.45am

Venue: PwC Centre, 10 Waterloo Quay

Wellington Chamber of Commerce Members $25+GST

Non Members $35+GST

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