State sector productivity inquiry evaluation released


The Commission completed its inquiry into state sector productivity in August and produced two final reports – one focused on measuring productivity, the other on improving state sector productivity.

State sector productivity reports

An independent evaluation of the Commission’s performance has been undertaken to understand whether the inquiry had the right focus, the right process, whether the engagement and delivery of message was effective, and analysis, findings and recommendations were of high quality. 

Independent reviewer, Murray Horn, highlighted that delivering on the aims of the Terms of reference required more attention to be paid to improving productivity and its measurement. That, in turn, requires strengthening demand for improved productivity and building the capability and capacity to respond to that demand. He concluded that the recommendations in the Improving state sector productivity report are practical and implementable and, if accepted, would make an important contribution to those objectives. While the Measuring state sector productivity report will be voluntarily picked up by a few officials keen on developing better measures, this is unlikely to be either a common or enduring response if the recommendations aimed at strengthening demand for productivity improvement are not adopted by government.

The Commission’s evaluation included holding a focus group of inquiry participants run by an independent facilitator, surveying inquiry participants via an online survey and commissioning an independent expert evaluation of the inquiry and final reports. The evaluation results are now available to download: independent expert reviewfocus group and participant survey.