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Draft report 4

Preparing young learners for the future of work

22 January 2020

The Commission has been asked to examine technological change and its impact on the future of work.

Frontier firms

Inquiry into New Zealand’s most productive firms confirmed

13 January 2020

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to identify policies and interventions that cou...


Training New Zealand’s workforce

20 December 2019

The Commission today released its draft report on Training New Zealand's workforce.


Funding local government

12 December 2019

So you want to be elected to your local district council? Judging by the placards employed for the r...

Final report

Targeted solutions needed to relieve funding pressures on co...

12 December 2019

The New Zealand Productivity Commission today released its final report on local government funding ...

Draft report 2

Productivity Commission suggests improved income security to...

21 November 2019

New Zealand is stuck with low wages because of low productivity and low technology adoption.

Transitioning to a low-emissions economy

NZ has a new Zero Carbon Act

11 November 2019

The passing of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill last week commits the Govern...

Gail Pacheco wins top AUT award

26 October 2019

AUT has bestowed its top award on an economist hailed for her research, scholarship and application ...

New Zealand city

New report highlights major changes in where Kiwis live and ...

17 October 2019

Research released today by the Productivity Commission shows how New Zealanders have experienced big...

Technology and productivity over time

Time to prepare for the future of work, but not time to wast...

12 September 2019

Technology adoption supports higher productivity growth, higher income growth and increased resource...


ProdCom News August 2019

30 August 2019

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We're hiring

Help achieve New Zealand's productivity potential

21 August 2019

We are looking for an experienced principal/senior researcher for a position within our Economics an...

Government response to low emissions

Government responds to Commission's low-emissions economy re...

5 August 2019

Climate Change Minister James Shaw has released the Government’s Climate Action Plan in response to ...

Local government funding

Local Government funding: Not broken but will need help

17 July 2019

The New Zealand Productivity Commission today released its draft report on local government funding ...

New Commissioners

New Commissioners appointed

17 July 2019

We welcome two new Commissioners to the Productivity Commission Board: Andrew Sweet and Gail Pacheco...

Productivity by the numbers

Poor productivity hurts living standards

12 June 2019

Research released today by the Productivity Commission highlights the cost of New Zealand’s poor pro...


ProdComm News - May 2019

29 May 2019

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New FutureworkNZ blog

15 May 2019

Ideas and debates supporting the Technological change and future of work inquiry.

Issues paper release - Technological change and the future o...

18 April 2019

Today we release our issues paper and invite you to participate in our inquiry into Technological ch...

Issues paper

Inquiry update - Local government funding and financing

15 April 2019

Thanks to all our submitters and those who have met with us to provide information and feedback on o...

Just what is this digital economy?

11 March 2019

The way to grow our already burgeoning digital economy is to find and support innovative local entre...

Figure 1

Labour market trends: what we know…

9 March 2019

How a country’s labour market performs has a huge bearing on its overall productivity and wellbeing.

Technology’s impact on the future of work to be examined

28 February 2019

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to examine and report on Technological change, ...


Release of latest annual productivity statistics

27 February 2019

Last week, Stats NZ released its latest annual set of productivity statistics.


ProdComm News: February 2019

14 February 2019

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State Services Commission

SSC inquiry into the use of external security consultants

18 December 2018

The State Services Commission has conducted an inquiry into the use of external security consultants...

Engagement for Local government funding and financing inquir...

12 December 2018

Consultation and engagement for our Local government funding and financing inquiry is underway.

Sally Garden joins the Commission

3 December 2018

We are delighted that Sally Garden joins the Commission today as a Principal Advisor.

Local government funding and financing: public views sought

6 November 2018

The Productivity Commission today published an issues paper for its inquiry into local government fu...

Submitter's views to our Low-emissions economy inquiry

1 November 2018

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in our Low-emissions economy inquiry.

Technological change and productivity

15 February 2018

Can technologies be as disruptive to models of production as earlier industrial revolutions?

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