Welcome to the ProdComm update for March 2013 with news on our current and recent inquiry work, as well as the launch of the new inquiry into the services sector.


The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to investigate ways to lift the productivity of the services sector.


The Commission presented their draft report, Towards Better Local Regulation, at the conference.


Murray Sherwin outlines the key issues in the draft report Towards Better Local Regulation.


Regulation touches almost every aspect of our lives and is vitally important in shaping the welfare of communities and the performance of the economy. The Productivity Commission has released a draft report, Towards Better Local Regulation, looking at the opportunities to improve regulatory performance in local government.


There are more than 30 policy initiatives that would extend trans-Tasman integration to the benefit of Australia and New Zealand, as the two countries prepare to mark the 30th anniversary of Closer Economic Relations (CER) in 2013.


The Commission's first Annual Report for the period April 2011 to June 2012 was released in September.


The Australian and New Zealand Productivity Commissions have identified some 20 policy initiatives to promote beneficial economic integration between the two countries.


With house prices hitting all-time highs, TVNZ's Q+A programme hosted our Chair, Murray Sherwin, and's Bernard Hickey to talk through what would create affordable housing in New Zealand - particularly in intense markets such as Auckland.


Submissions are now invited to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into local government regulation.