Murray Sherwin outlines why competition is important for the services sector and what the Commisssion recommends to boost competition.


The Productivity Commission is pleased to welcome Patrick Nolan on board as a Principal Advisor to the Economics and Research team.


The Productivity Commission has released its draft recommendations on how to increase competition and the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in New Zealand’s service industries.


The Productivity Commission has entered into a multi-year research partnership with Motu Economic and Public Policy Research to extend the use of Statistics NZ's Longitudinal Business Database (LBD).


Low investment in capital and inefficient use of both capital and labour contribute to the productivity shortfall in New Zealand industries compared to their Australian counterparts.


A version of this article appeared in Inside Tourism on 17 December. It is republished here with permission.


The Productivity Commission welcomes Daiman Smith as the new General Manager.


The Treasury are seeking suggestions for potential inquiry topics for the Productivity Commission in 2014.


Paul Conway, Director, Economics and Research, gives an overview of why productivity is important for New Zealand and how New Zealand is performing compared to other countries.


Congratulations to Athene Laws, a part-time research assistant in our Economics and Research team at the Productivity Commission, for being awarded the Sir Frank Holmes Prize for 2013.