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Carl Benedikt Frey

Into the Frey

14 October 2019 | Nik Green

If you’ve read anything about technological change and the future of work – or even if you’ve just G...

Bolt and Nut Australia

The nuts and bolts of automation

9 September 2019 | Judy Kavanagh

Many, many things affect whether a firm will adopt a technology, and whether this adoption will be s...


Robots and frozen vegetables

22 August 2019 | Dave Heatley

Freezing 500 tonnes of vegetables a day, most days of the year. That makes for a significant manufac...

Seed cleaner

Why hang on to old tech?

21 August 2019 | Amelia Sharman

As the opening chords of Country Calendar play, feel-good nostalgia for rural New Zealand washes ove...


When tech does things humans never could

15 August 2019 | Nik Green

Technological progress need not eliminate jobs; automation can allow new and expanded worthwhile act...

Which technologies drive concern over the future of work?

24 June 2019 | Dave Heatley

Biotech. Nanotech. Cleantech. Gene tech. Cloud computing tech. Successive waves of technological cha...

Will robots take my job

Job loss predictions – easy to make, hard to trust

13 May 2019 | Dave Heatley

This graphic caught my eye. It accompanies the article Robots and Us in today’s Otago Daily Times.

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